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Olympic Gymnastics

technical consultancy

50 Years of Coaching Excellence Precision, Passion, Perseverance From Twists to Triumphs A Half-Century of Gymnastic Mastery


Legacy of Gymnastic Coaching

Beyond the Gold

The Olympic Gymnastics Consultancy program is designed to provide your club or individual with the necessary training tools and plans which will help gymnasts and coaches of gymnastics to succeed in their quest to achieve their goals.

Our website and program are constantly being updated to provide you with the best service. If you have any questions, please reach out any time and we will be glad to address them!

Gymnastics Training for You
Vaulting to Victory
Your journey to becoming a gymnastic maestro starts here, and we are with you at every flip and turn of the way.
The Program Consists Of

Thousands of Technical Pictures.
Hundreds of Clips/Videos.
Hundreds of PowerPoint Presentations.


Gold Medals Won


Years of Experience


Trained Gymnasts

Gymnastics Training

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Olympic Gymnast Training
For over 50 years, our legacy has revolved around one steadfast constant – an Olympic coach whose dedication has sculpted champions. Welcome to our platform, where we celebrate not just a coach but an institution of gymnastic excellence. Dive into a world where every flip and twist is rooted in decades of knowledge, precision, and unyielding passion.

His method is simple yet deep, not just making champions, but giving them skills and a mindset that goes beyond the gym. He creates a lasting legacy that stands strong over time. Here, we celebrate not just a coach, but a true shaper of potential and bringer of gymnastic greatness.
content of the program

If you’re an aspiring gymnast seeking a holistic training guide or a seasoned athlete aiming to refine your skills, you’ve landed in the right place. Immerse yourself in a goldmine of gymnastic knowledge and expertise, designed meticulously for champions-in-the-making. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, crafting your path in the enthralling world of gymnastics with our unparalleled coaching guide and mentorship program.


Learn to weave a tapestry of secure gymnastics practice, blending foundational exercises and mindful stretching with adherent safety protocols to safeguard every somersault and landing.


Spotting in gymnastics is an art and a science, ensuring every move is executed with confidence and security. Our expert spotting techniques not only facilitate the learning of new skills but also prioritize the athlete’s safety.

Technical Skills

Dive into the nuances of precise gymnastic movements, where every twist, flip, and leap is broken down into digestible segments, enabling a mastery over the technical facets of the sport.

Lead Up

By focusing on foundational elements and progressing to advanced maneuvers, we ensure that every gymnast is primed for success, grounded in a deep understanding and mastery of each movement’s nuances.


Explore the craft of creating thoughtful training plans, ensuring every jump and spin is carefully planned to steadily boost your gymnastics skills in a clear and trackable way.


Effectively organize classes and groups by skill level and age to sidestep frustrations and establish a structured, streamlined learning environment within your gymnastics journey.

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5 Decades of Olympic Coaching
Greatness isn't born,
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Special Acknowledgement

To my mother “Felicidad Ema Pruano” because she dedicated all of her life to help me.

I am forever grateful.